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with yet another timer.

Focusing is essential to getting things done and even more so for learning new skills. But our focus depends on a lot of variables and is affected by a huge variety of events. It depends on how we slept, the time of day, what we ate, our emotional state, our stress level, our energy level and the list goes on and on.

Focusing and keeping your focus can be difficult.

But one tool that helps me consistently to focus every day is a simple timer.

But the timer has to be built around three main principles: visual and intentional timeboxing, your focus is flexible and taking time to rest.

So let's try flexible timeboxing.

Check out this article for more information regarding flexible timeboxing.


No sign up. No external tracking. Just a simple timer to download and try.

focle is available for MacOS (coming soon).

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts to make the usage of the timer more pleasant.

cmd + m: play/pause background music

cmd + j: edit timer minutes

cmd + k: edit timer seconds

cmd + p: play/pause timer

cmd + n: open/close vague notes area

esc: hop out of timer minutes, timer seconds, or notes area

a shortcut for canceling the timer doesn't exist on purpose to make canceling more deliberate

focle will always be available for free. But if you like focle, you can support it via ko-fi (coming soon).
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