build a learning habit.

Our life is constantly changing. Our interests may change too. We will face new obstacles. All of this can create a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety in us.

Learning might help us to deal with all this.

Learning is a skill that is becoming more and more important. Learning does not stop after school. It does not stop after university. Learning keeps you mentally fit. Learning can help you adjust to change. Learning encourages you to embrace obstacles and learn from them.

Thus we have to become life-long learners.

But to be a life-long learner, we should enjoy learning itself. There is no point in doing something for your whole life if you don’t enjoy it.

You might not enjoy it because you think you can’t learn. You might think you are not made to understand this. You might think you are stupid.

Nothing of this is true. You can learn. You can understand. You are not stupid.

So the question becomes: How can we enjoy learning?

Learn what you enjoy until you enjoy learning itself.

Learn what you like, enjoy, love. Learn something for which you don’t need any external motivation, discipline or force. Start simple. Pick a topic or area you like. Have a simple learning system. Be it with pen and paper, a Notion template, or a dedicated learning app.

After each learning session ask: How did I learn? What did work? What could I change about my learning process or system? Should I try a different learning technique? Which aspects of my learning environment are distracting or helping me to focus? Why does this motivate me to show up every day and learn?

Since you don’t need any forced discipline to sit down and learn your favourite topic, you have plenty of energy to adjust your learning process, to test new learning methods, to see what is working for you and what isn’t. You can quietly improve your learning system while enjoying learning.

And at some point — you might not even consciously recognize it — you will have built a learning habit. You will have created a learning system that works best for you. A learning system designed by you, through your experience, which contains elements you like most.

And with this, you will enjoy learning. No matter what comes your way, you will be prepared to learn and deal with obstacles. You will be able to learn whatever you need, whatever sparks your curiosity.

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