consistent goal.

Do you feel like everything seems interesting? As in my case: Programming, Typography, Data Science, UX Design, Physics, Psychology. You want to learn everything. But there is not enough time. So maybe you learn a bit of this and a bit of that?

I felt like that and I did it like that. And, it wasn’t great.

I never had a consistent learning goal.

If you don’t have a consistent goal, you run the risk of only scratching the surface on a lot of different areas. You never get a deep understanding of the area. A deep understanding and experience would help you to stand out, to help others with your unique way, to feel satisfied with your learning.

Like Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations:

“If you don’t have a consistent goal in life, you can’t live in a consistent way.” — Marcus Aurelius

We can translate this into learning:

“If you don’t have a consistent goal in learning, you can’t learn in a consistent way.”

I don’t mean only focusing on one thing and ignore the rest. If you have multiple curiosities, that is great. But pick one or two you want to get good at, or you want to build deep understanding and a lot of experience in. Pick the ones in which you want to invest most of your time.

In between these deep learning sessions, you can and should take learning breaks to explore and learn more about other curiosities of yours. Learn the basics in other areas and come back to your consistent learning goal afterwards.

Have a consistent goal that you can use as a compass. A goal that you can use to align your actions and learning towards. But a goal that also leaves room to explore other curiosities from time to time.

Maybe that is the key to be satisfied with your learning and to build special skills.

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