enjoy learning.

I drag myself to learn. I have no motivation. I force myself to sit down and spend minutes, hours, even days taking notes, thinking, trying to understand. I drained a lot of energy just by thinking about having to learn. Learning can have a lot of mundane parts we have to do.

But then, some days it feels like the opposite is true. It is not draggy. I have the motivation. I might even enjoy it. The mundane parts of learning like focusing, reading, taking notes, trying to understand, thinking, applying don’t bother me as much.

Maybe it is because the topic is more interesting? But some days even topics I like seem to be a burden. Might it be possible to move the excitement over a specific topic to the excitement over the mundane parts of learning?

“He who laughs most, learns best.” — John Cleese

Toimprove our learning we have to enjoy learning itself. We learn best if we enjoy learning. This can be difficult because learning consists mostly of mundane parts. But let’s find joy in the mundane.

Here are three ideas on how we can do it.

Enjoy the mundane. Pause and feel great after reading an interesting insight. Celebrate after you finally understood something. Appreciate that you were able to focus and learn without getting distracted.

Have a simple learning system that you like. Your learning system shouldn’t make taking notes, reading and thinking harder than it is. Don’t over-complicate it. If it is simple and sufficient for you, great!

Don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge yourself if you don’t understand. Don’t judge yourself if you fail. Don’t judge yourself if learning takes time.

Let’s try to find the joy in learning.

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