find your obsession.

The mainstream advice for finding the right career is “Find your passion.” or “Ask yourself: What is your passion?”. I’m asking this myself a lot. I think I can only make it, once I found my passion. But I always come to the same conclusions.

I either have a lot of passions or no true passion. I can be passionate about a lot of things. I enjoy programming with Python, I enjoy writing about learning, I enjoy reading and learning itself, I enjoy designing with Figma — and the list goes on. I even forget time when I do these things. Time just passes by. But am I truly passionate about them?

This got me thinking: “Maybe I’m asking the wrong question?”.

Maybe instead of asking “What is my passion?”, I should ask “What is my obsession?”. I can be passionate about a lot of things. But obsessive about only a few. Istarted thinking about this idea during our vacation while reading a bit about Feynman, who was a famous physicist and teacher. They wrote that Feynman was ambitious, curious, and obsessive. He worked obsessively on topics until he understood them.

This started to make me think. Maybe we shouldn’t look for our passion but instead for our obsession.

Isurely don’t mean an unhealthy obsession or obsessive behavior in which you get frustrated or angry or mad for not being able to do it. What I have in mind is more like a healthy obsession. A harmonious obsession. An obsession where you think about a topic, area, skill more than normal. An obsession that occupies your mind once you have time to think.

You can be passionate about things, but could you also really be obsessive over them? Feeling a bit of obsession might give you the edge and energy you need.

And surely, if you can be obsessed with a skill, topic, or area, you can also be passionate about it. Thus look out for obsessive patterns. Find your obsession. Once found, you can turn it into your true passion and be curious about it without any friction.

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