knowledge is not the goal.

Each day holds subtle differences to be curious about and to learn more about. You might read an article and highlight a specific sentence. You might watch a YouTube video with an interesting insight and take a quick note. You might take part in an online course and try to understand what is being taught.

But, to truly learn, we can’t only rely on consuming information, on being able to remember it, or on understanding it. We actually have to use it. Learning stands on three pillars we have to build up and which we have to keep in balance. These three pillars are: knowing, understanding, and doing.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” — Herbert Spencer

Knowing is consuming information and being able to retrieve it. With ever-increasing information, this is the main pillar we are building up right now.

Understanding is being able to explain the reason behind things. There is a difference between understanding and knowing and we shouldn’t confuse understanding with knowing. You can know and remember something without understanding it.

Doing is being able to use your knowledge and understanding. This is the part we just do too little. This is one of the pillars we have to be more careful about.

Learning makes only sense if we also apply what we’ve learnt, if we put it to use, and if we build experience. Therefore always ask “How can I use this?” while learning, reading, and stumbling across insights.

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