We are sitting in front of one tiny thing we are trying to learn — for hours. But we just don’t get our head around it. Learning can get difficult. Learning can be frustrating. Learning can make us even feel stupid and want to quit.

But don’t give up. Have confidence and believe in your skills and abilities to learn. Make mistakes, face obstacles, and take the time you need to understand.

“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”―Albert Einstein

If you are stuck, it is fine to take a break. You deserve it. Don’t abandon what you learn altogether. Just leave it for now, for an hour, for a day. Go away and let what you are learning linger in your mind. Even if you are not working actively on it, your brain is — without you knowing it.

Even if it feels like you are making only very small steps, celebrate and enjoy these small steps. It will build up your confidence. You will find the breakthrough you are waiting for. You will figure things out. You will understand. You will learn. Believe in yourself, be confident, and don’t give up.

Once you start taking these small steps, you can build your understanding, knowledge, and experience gradually into more and more complex concepts.

This is why feeling confident is one of the main emotions for learning. It helps you stay with your learning topic longer. You start believing in your abilities to learn. You start creating motivation and energy to focus your attention. Thus, to develop the right emotional environment ask yourself regularly:

“How do I feel about myself?”

“How do I feel about learning?”

“How does learning make me feel?”

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